Relax Therapy Collection

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Relax Therapy Collection
This kit is the ultimate rejuvenation kit for the body, mind and spirit!
The bath and feet therapy are wonderful after a stressful day. A twenty minute bath therapy soak in the tub may help rejuvenate your body and feel stress free.  A little of the fabulous feet – balm therapy will make your feet feel wonderful and restored. 
The handy OTG muscle balm is a quick remedy to help with that unexpected headache or muscle spasm during the day. The relax roll-on is wonderful to help with anxiety or calming the mind during the day. The lip balm is handy to have for chapped, dry lips or may be used as a lip gloss too.
This kit includes:
Bath Therapy
Fabulous Feet – Balm Therapy
Lip Balm
Relax Roll-on Therapy
Muscle Balm on-the-go (OTG) Therapy