Top Notes

The top notes is the fragrance which is fresh, light, uplifting, penetrating and airy scent in a blend. Example: Sweet Orange, Lemon or Bergamot.

Middle Notes

The middle notes is the harmonizing note which adds fullness, balance, soothing and rounds off the top and bottom notes. Example: Lavender, Eucalyptus or Pine.

Bottom Notes

The bottom notes is the fixative note which tend to have earthy, grounding or musty  scents in a blend. Example: Myrrh, Vetiver or Patchouli

When making a blended scent use the one drop at a time method, and record your mixture so you can use it another time.

Remember: essential oils are highly concentrated please use the dilution guide in a carrier oil when using your essential oils.

1 ounce Carrier (grapeseed, coconut oil, jojoba oil)

1%     5-6 drops

2%  10-12 drops

3%   15 -18 drops

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