Aromatherapy Consultation

How may an Aromatherapy consultation help you?

Aromatherapy in special blends may help our body heal itself. If you have issues with:

Acne                Arthritis           Anxiety       Depression     Headaches

Digestion       Emotions     Inflammation     Dry Skin         Fears        Insomnia

Colds             Flu               Lymphatic  Congestion      Fungal         Scars     

Sore Muscles   Sciatica       Rash   Yeast              

 A blended product from a Clinical Aromatherapist may help you.

 Aromatherapy Consultation Procedure includes:

 Fill out in-take form

  • Assessment/consultation - (covering over all health condition and seeking results)
  • Aromatherapy product (s) - (such as: specialty oil, lotion, balm, salts)
  • Therapy plan - (product usage and length)
  • Follow-up - (two day to a week follow-up or it may depend on issue)

 The fee is $90 which includes:

Filling out an in-take form, assessment/consultation, follow-up and one (or more) specialty blended aromatherapy product  and follow-up. All information is kept confidential between you and the CA. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding a consultation please e-mail

I understand a CA or RA is not intended to prescribe, treat, prevent or diagnose any disease or conditions. Please consult a physician for medical treatment.

 All guidelines are follow from AIA.

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