Massage Therapy Philosophy

I believe massage therapy helps our body facilitate the healing process to renew and maintain balance. Every individual heals differently, and massage therapy may be an effective way to help heal, and maintain homeostasis. Healing comes in all forms, stillness, movement, mediation, exercise, good nutrition, sights, smells and positive thinking. Everyday life tends to be stressful. A lot of the time we do not pay attention to what our body is saying to us, which could lead to acute, and then chronic conditions. It is important, to listen to your inner self, and pay attention to what our bodies are “shouting out” at us when we are in pain.
My goal as a certified massage therapist and a certified aromatherapist to help guide your body in a gently relaxing way to ease your stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, trauma, neck or back pain, grief, osteoarthritis or body pain and bring your body back in balance.
If you are looking to find a way to relax, and find time for yourself, contact me. I focus on therapeutic touch, acupressure, trigger points, reflexology, craniosacral balancing, aromatherapy, Swedish, geriatric (senior) and deep tissue.
My hours are: MWF 3pm-7pm, TTH 9-6 and Saturday flexible (text please), (707) 344-9460.
I look forward to meeting and helping you facilitate in your healing journey.

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human with drugs, but rather cure and prevent disease it with nutrition." -Thomas Edison