Aromatherapy Personalized Consultation


This is a confidential service which is provided from a Clinical Aromatherapist.

How may an Aromatherapy consultation help you? Aromatherapy in special blends may help our body heal itself. If you have issues with:

 Acne                Arthritis     Anxiety     

Digestion       Emotions     Inflammation

Dry Skin         Fears        Insomnia

Colds             Flu               Lymphatic

Congestion      Fungal         Scars

Sore Muscles   Sciatica       Rash  

Yeast               Depression Headaches

 A blended product from a Clinical Aromatherapist may help you.

 Aromatherapy Consultation Procedure includes:

 Fill out in-take form

  • Assessment/consultation
  • Aromatherapy product (s)
  • Therapy plan
  • Follow-up

 The fee is $120 which includes: filling out an in-take form, assessment/consultation, follow-up and one (or more) specialty blended aromatherapy product for you.

Service, products and follow-up is provided. See Details below. To fill out an Intake Form please download it from the Service Section on the home page and fill out and send it via email

This service does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with a physician for medical treatment.

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